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who are we ?

Forumcar, SUARL the Capital 100 000 dinars is a car rental agency in Tunisia, His Head Office: Rue Nevers EN face Miramar Hammamet 8050 With agency in Hammamet, Forumcar offers car rental Tunis Carthage airport, Enfidha-Hammamet airport, airport of Monastir, Djerba airport and free delivery in all major cities in Tunisia.

Create in April 2009, this new lease teaches Car chose to stand under the sign ... fun! Ah, Tunisia! It left with Forumcar! This country has so much to offer! Let us not be surprised that it is the favorite destination of millions of tourists every year. How to make the most within the time allotted to you? With the rental car! Tunisia is a country full of treasures, many of which are away from the main railway lines. If you take a rental car in Tunis, for example, you will have the opportunity to explore Tunis, Hammamet and Sousse and spectacular coastline. You can even escape the South. A rental car in Monastir will give you the opportunity to discover the car rental in Tunisia with Forumcar is the ideal option if you intend to discover the many facets of this country and its neighbors.

A rental car in Tunis, Enfidha and Monastir also has the advantage to offer a quick and easy solution, thanks to our counters in the airports of these beautiful cities. For your car rental in Tunisia with Forumcar, so just choose a car hire in Tunis-Enfidha Hammamrt or another big city and everything will be settled in minutes. You will only have to present the counter, follow the instructions of our friendly staff, take the keys to your car rental in Tunisia and start you on the road! So what are you to take a rental car in Tunisia for your holidays?